2014 recruitment trends…what does this mean for you?

People_networking_1The war on talent is getting fiercer. One of the biggest trends for 2014 is internal referral programs. With the push for greater responsiveness and results driven recruitment, employers will be exhausting quality recruitment activities over traditional.

What does this mean?

If employers are giving their employees scouting incentives to find and source potential employees, you could be closer to a ‘recruiter’ than you think.

What should you do?

Tune up your linkedin profile for one.

Ensure your details, key points and achievements are clear. Next, browse your connections. Do you have anyone on your contact list that works within an employer of choice? Do they have any availabilities? If so, it might be a good time to reach out and reconnect.

Connect and Network for two.

The whole point of career social sites like LinkedIn is to build a valuable and active source of potential go-to people for work partnerships and opportunities.  Don’t think of LinkedIn like our car insurance.  It’s not good to have in the background, not used, only until an emergency happens.  This is the worst strategy you could take for LinkedIn.  Why? Well, when it comes time to access your ‘valuable’ contacts during a job scouting exercise, you will not have built any rapport with potential ‘recruiters’ or connections to assist you or support you.  This strategy may run the risk of making your connections feel a little used and unwelcome.

In 2014 employers will be turning to their valued and top performers for referrals and recommendations. Networking and your online profile is more important than ever! Ensure you have your linkedin profile up to date for career momentum.linkedin-puzzle

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