The pros and cons of different resume formats.

When deciding which resume you should use, it is beneficial to understand the value of each and also the drawbacks.  This by no means should be taken as gospel; however, after reading, researching and seeking feedback from many employers and industry professionals regarding resumes, the below post summarises some key pros and cons of different resume […]

Resume Tip – Inappropriate Email

One aspect that many job seekers might sideline or not even be a consideration during a job search, is ensuring you have an appropriate email.  If there is one resume tip that could save you from potential  job elimination, it is ensuring your email is professional. If you are utilising an email you created when […]

This is why your resume was rejected?

So, ever wondered why you resume ended up in the trash can? ‘This is why your resume was rejected’ written by ‘The Recruiters Lounge’ provides some interesting insight into why your application may not have been successful and also highlights some industry secrets.  Whether you agree or not is not really the question; understanding how […]

Resume Tips No.13 – Solve Employer Issues

When drafting a resume here’s a tip, you should always have in mind the issues and likely company objectives of the employer you are applying to. What you want to do, is ensure you are communicating how you can solve the potential employer’s issues.  Never focus on what you want from a role, always focus on […]

Resume Tips No.12 – Personal Photos

We have covered off many resume tips ranging from content, to layout, to referees and most recently, image representation. However one aspect that regularly gets overlooked is the use of  photos.  Should you or shouldn’t you insert a personal photo in your resume?  Similar to our post on hobbies, inserting a personal photo into your […]

Resume Tips No.11 – Resume Audit

Ever wondered why your resume might not be getting the response you want? Consider doing a resume audit to assess the image your resume projects and if it is hindering your job goal success. To undertake a ‘resume audit’ map out all your recent jobs, nothing more than 5 years old unless extremely relevant, and create a […]

Resume Tips No.9 – Skip the Objectives

 Objectives have their uses however, they should be used in your resume for particular roles only.  If you are a graduate student or a first time job seeker, career objectives are very handy in communicating ‘where’ and ‘how’ you want to progress. As an experienced professional, skip the objective.  Instead, use a ‘Career Overview’ or […]

Resume Tips No.6 – Resume Layout

Many job seekers focus on ‘what’ to put in their resume however neglect ‘how’ to put it in their resume.  Resume layout can make or break your chances and should be relevant to the role you are applying for.  Think for a moment how many resumes a recruiter might shift through for ‘one’ recruitment campaign…100’s. […]

Resume Tips No.5 – Use Keywords

More resume tips…your resume should contain keywords specific to the employer and role you are applying for, not too mention your professional achievements. Creating keywords not only ensures your resume is ‘scannable’ providing time saving references to key job criteria; keywords are critical for communicating you have the ‘right stuff’ for the job. When deciding […]