Resume Tip – Inappropriate Email

email2One aspect that many job seekers might sideline or not even be a consideration during a job search, is ensuring you have an appropriate email.  If there is one resume tip that could save you from potential  job elimination, it is ensuring your email is professional.

If you are utilising an email you created when you were 16 year’s old and going through whatever teen phase you may have been going through, such as,, we suggest a quick revaluation of your email and setting up a professional sounding one, should yours be questionable.

Simply your name would be sufficient or any derivative of this.  Additionally, we also suggest ignoring any reference to your birth day or year in an email as this can negatively impact you unfortunately.

Combinations such as the below are all suitable.  You get the drift…it’s not rocket science.  Once again, ensure you prepare for yourself the best possible chance at gaining the role you want and this includes assessing the little things like facebook profile photos to emails.


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