Resume Tips No.5 – Use Keywords

More resume tips…your resume should contain keywords specific to the employer and role you are applying for, not too mention your professional achievements.

Creating keywords not only ensures your resume is ‘scannable’ providing time saving references to key job criteria; keywords are critical for communicating you have the ‘right stuff’ for the job. When deciding what keywords to include in your resume, peruse the job description and advert to get clues on what you should include in your resume.  Ensure keywords are relevant to your experience and  that you can back up keywords with examples, should you be asked in the interview.  There is not point listing ‘accomplished leader’ in your resume if you haven’t ever led a team or project. Remember, if those keywords are in your resume, it will increase your chances to progress to the next step. If those words are not in your resume, sometimes that can be it.  Many big name employers now use what is called an Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), that automatically screen out applications that don’t meet the minimum criteria and keyword search. For more information on ATS, read this article that covers off some key information. Be prepared and allow us to tailor your resume to suit your dream role, industry or employer of choice.


Winning Edge Resume is available to assist you in creating or updating your resume to increase your chances of success in your next job application. Contact us today and be prepared! 

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