This is why your resume was rejected?

So, ever wondered why you resume ended up in the trash can? ‘This is why your resume was rejected’ written by ‘The Recruiters Lounge’ provides some interesting insight into why your application may not have been successful and also highlights some industry secrets.  Whether you agree or not is not really the question; understanding how you can get around these human perceptions and screening behaviours is!

I found this article highly interesting in the fact that it articulated some practices that I found quite rudimentary and contrary to the competency based approach of screening applications, that many recruiters and HR practitioners adhere to.  Nonetheless, some people argue they haven’t the time to review all, sometimes up to the 100’s, the applications received and have some initial ‘scanning’ criteria that you”r resume must pass.

One of our blogs covered the resume tip on ‘Personal Photos’.  As you can see from the below graphic, up to 88% of applications are discarded if they have a photo.  Now you can understand why effective resume crafting is very critical in your career success.  In another mind blowing statistic, one, just one, spelling or grammar error will get your resume potentially thrown out of the pile.

Again, we need to remember to take this all with a grain of salt.  The survey was conducted via a small sample so it hardly indicates the general rule across the industry, however it definitely sheds light on some of the practices out there.

At WER we have always focused on quality work that is evidenced based.  We aim to demonstrate your qualifications and skills, targeted to the relevant role you are applying for.  We will also offer advice regarding any inconsistencies we see, so you can prepare yourself come interview time.

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