Resume Tips No.13 – Solve Employer Issues

When drafting a resume here’s a tip, you should always have in mind the issues and likely company objectives of the employer you are applying to. What you want to do, is ensure you are communicating how you can solve the potential employer’s issues.  Never focus on what you want from a role, always focus on what you can bring to a role!

So how do you find out what issues or opportunities you can solve? The world wide web can open doors to a plethora of information relating to the company you are interested in joining.  Check out their company website.  There will be a range of information you can gather from there.  Do they have financial reports on their site? Are they performing well? What about a code of conduct or mission statement? Have a look at the roles they are recruiting for? Are they recruiting for a large number of roles in a certain area such as IT for example? This could signal growth and the need for development.

Delve further…are they a publicly listed company? Google them? Have there been any recent press releases or media on the company? Look at their LinkedIn page? Who works for the company and what are ‘their’ backgrounds? Do they sponsor any particular brands or causes? Which ones? This can signal to you the type of area they are interested in supporting and an insight into their culture.

Research all this information while you craft up a resume.  You’re probably thinking right now, “Who would go to that much trouble for just one job?” Well, what I’d say to that is, “How bad do you want the job?” In our next post we discuss an article on recruiter top secrets and this will give you an idea just how slim your chances are if you fail to impress and shine through in you resume.

And don’t forget, Winning Edge Resumes are here to help and are happy to help.  Give us a call today to assist you in crafting a resume that solves and shines!

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