The pros and cons of different resume formats.

When deciding which resume you should use, it is beneficial to understand the value of each and also the drawbacks.  This by no means should be taken as gospel; however, after reading, researching and seeking feedback from many employers and industry professionals regarding resumes, the below post summarises some key pros and cons of different resume […]

Career Expo 101

Each year there are a selection of career expos, fairs and networking opportunities to take advantage of.  Below are some quick tips to use during and after a networking event that could boost your return. Before and during the event: Plan of attack – If you’re heading to an expo or fair, check their website prior […]

2014 recruitment trends…what does this mean for you?

The war on talent is getting fiercer. One of the biggest trends for 2014 is internal referral programs. With the push for greater responsiveness and results driven recruitment, employers will be exhausting quality recruitment activities over traditional. What does this mean? If employers are giving their employees scouting incentives to find and source potential employees, […]

Job Searching vs Job Targeting

Why are you ‘searching’ for a job? To me, searching implies you have lost something? Or you’re trying discover something?  And whilst, you may in fact have lost your job and attempting to get back into the workforce; you want to ensure you undertake effective job targeting activities; not ad-hoc, spur of the moment job searching! Your […]

Career breaks and the challenges!

Have you started to think about taking a much needed hiatus from your career? Taking a career break is ultimately seen by some people as an opportunity to recharge or reassess career aspirations.  However, be aware of the challenges it can also create should you be looking to re-enter the workforce at a later date. […]

This is why your resume was rejected?

So, ever wondered why you resume ended up in the trash can? ‘This is why your resume was rejected’ written by ‘The Recruiters Lounge’ provides some interesting insight into why your application may not have been successful and also highlights some industry secrets.  Whether you agree or not is not really the question; understanding how […]

Resume Tips No.9 – Skip the Objectives

 Objectives have their uses however, they should be used in your resume for particular roles only.  If you are a graduate student or a first time job seeker, career objectives are very handy in communicating ‘where’ and ‘how’ you want to progress. As an experienced professional, skip the objective.  Instead, use a ‘Career Overview’ or […]

Expo Expo Expo…read all about it!

Are you prepared for the next Careers & Employment Expo in 2014? Each year, a range of Career and employment expos are hosted around Australia, bringing together employers of choice and career driven job seekers. In 2014 there are a few noteworthy expos that should make it on every job seeker’s ‘Calendar of Events’. The […]

Resume Tips No.6 – Resume Layout

Many job seekers focus on ‘what’ to put in their resume however neglect ‘how’ to put it in their resume.  Resume layout can make or break your chances and should be relevant to the role you are applying for.  Think for a moment how many resumes a recruiter might shift through for ‘one’ recruitment campaign…100’s. […]

Resume Tips No.5 – Use Keywords

More resume tips…your resume should contain keywords specific to the employer and role you are applying for, not too mention your professional achievements. Creating keywords not only ensures your resume is ‘scannable’ providing time saving references to key job criteria; keywords are critical for communicating you have the ‘right stuff’ for the job. When deciding […]