How to organise your job activities for success!

When it comes to work, home life and personal comittments, there are a selection of tools we all use to keep our life in order! Diary, Outlook calendar, lists, whiteboard, project management software and the list goes on.  However, how many job seekers manage their job search activities with that same vigilance?

e2f503b8b46a54f8_13af412568bf8df1_86505542_previewSure, there might be some job seekers who use a notebook to jot down their job search activities.  However, does your notebook remind you to send out a follow up email or keep tabs of your activities in a neat, chronological order?

Be assured, one sure fire way to lose employer interest is by responding to an employer’s phone call like this, “Oh sorry, where were you calling from and what was the job you were recruiting for again?” This gives the impression that you’ve sent out your resume to a mass amount of employers, taking absolutely no specific interest or time in the job they are recruiting for.  Why would they want to proceed with your application after that lack of interest?  And let’s face it, you may very well have sent out your resume to a mass of employers and you may not have researched too much about that employer also (two activities we strongly advise against) however, if you’ve done this, at least track your applications and employers, so when you do get a call, you have a good idea ‘who, what, where, why’ they are calling.

Tracking your job search activities via user friendly tools can increase your efficiency, effectiveness and overall job search success.  Tools like ‘Jibber Jobber’ and ‘Huntsy’ collates all your activities such as dates of applications, emails, follow up dates, interview times, contacts and so much more and summarises them into one location.  Your job search should be just as important, if not taking priority, as all your other commitments in daily life.  After all, your job will bring you financial gains, satisfaction and personal achievement.  Why would you take such a haphazard approach to something so important.

Managing your job search via jobseeker tracking tools will also keep you abreast of technology and computer savviness which is a crucial skills for any employee in today’s work environment.

If you are a job seeker or career professional, take advantage of the free software tools out there that streamline and support successful job seekers in their job and career goals!

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