Resume Tips No. 16 – How recruiters read your resume!

We have covered off a lot of resume tips on how to propel your resume to the next level and get you noticed.  However, have you ever wondered just how your resume gets read? This post will shed some interesting light on how recruiters read your resume?

Ever heard of the 30 second rule?  Well in recruiting, it is very common for your resume to get  ‘reviewed’ in 30 seconds. Many candidates may argue that this is truly disrespectful and not courteous to their efforts.  However whether we like it or not, recruiters have 100’s of resumes to review some days, and due to this, definitely have picked up some techniques to in ‘scanning’ your resume for the ‘good bits’.

A recent article written by Careerealism that was part of their exclusive month long program, focused on ‘how’ recruiters actually read your resume.  A similar article also discussed information relating to recruiter reading patterns, both mentioning the use of technology and how it has given us insight into how people scan a resume.

 The graphics below depicts resumes and how they were read with the use of eye-tracking technology which monitors heat.  The findings indicated that the test participants demonstrated an F shaped pattern when in came to reading and ‘scanning’ web based resumes.  With this insight, knowing where to place key information can assist in capturing your audience and ensuring you capitalise on those 30 seconds you have when a recruiter scans your resume.

image eye-tracking1


Referring back to our recent posts on format, remember to put key information in the ‘prime real estate’ sections of your resume.  Optimise your first page success by ensuring you strategically place key content in the areas that get scanned the quickest and the most.


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