Job Searching vs Job Targeting

Why are you ‘searching’ for a job? To me, searching implies you have lost something? Or you’re trying discover something?  And whilst, you may in fact have lost your job and attempting to get back into the workforce; you want to ensure you undertake effective job targeting activities; not ad-hoc, spur of the moment job searching! Your […]

Beware of what you tweet!!

The recent example of PR Exec, Justine Saccoo, who works (worked) as a PR director for InterActiveCorp, PROVES that you MUST be careful of what you tweet! This classic, yet cringe worthy example of a tweet gone horribly wrong, should be enough evidence for anybody who uses the multitude of social media platforms out there, […]

Work Christmas Parties – Do’s and Don’ts

For those who have recently attended their work Christmas Party, let’s hope you followed some of the tips below.  For those who have yet to attend their party..take on board these helpful hints from an article by ‘The Fiscal Times’ to ensure you stay in the good books…and employed 😉 DO: Extend Yourself. The office holiday […]

How to ask for a pay rise…the right way!

Everyone wants to get paid what they feel they deserve right? Of course! However, before you put pen to paper to ask for a pay rise or, as I have witnessed some employees do, storm into their manager’s office and DEMAND a pay rise;  perhaps read the following suggestions and tips to increase your chances […]

Resume Tip – Inappropriate Email

One aspect that many job seekers might sideline or not even be a consideration during a job search, is ensuring you have an appropriate email.  If there is one resume tip that could save you from potential  job elimination, it is ensuring your email is professional. If you are utilising an email you created when […]

Career breaks and the challenges!

Have you started to think about taking a much needed hiatus from your career? Taking a career break is ultimately seen by some people as an opportunity to recharge or reassess career aspirations.  However, be aware of the challenges it can also create should you be looking to re-enter the workforce at a later date. […]

This is why your resume was rejected?

So, ever wondered why you resume ended up in the trash can? ‘This is why your resume was rejected’ written by ‘The Recruiters Lounge’ provides some interesting insight into why your application may not have been successful and also highlights some industry secrets.  Whether you agree or not is not really the question; understanding how […]

Resume Tips No.13 – Solve Employer Issues

When drafting a resume here’s a tip, you should always have in mind the issues and likely company objectives of the employer you are applying to. What you want to do, is ensure you are communicating how you can solve the potential employer’s issues.  Never focus on what you want from a role, always focus on […]